Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Eidfjord - Hanging Valley

A Hanging Valley is a---
Minor (tributary) valley that joins a larger glacial trough at a higher level than the trough floor. During glaciation the ice in the smaller valley was unable to erode as deeply as the ice in the trough, and so the valley was left perched high on the side of the trough when the ice retreated.
(Information from Tiscali)
Taken with my 300mm lens
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Gattina said...

Beautiful and very special !

Anonymous said...

That 300 brings it right up to you, doesn't it... :)) Thank you for the information. One day, (and hopefully that will be soon) I am going to travel, and I want to see some of these glorious and magnificent wonders. Beautiful...simply beautiful.
What a photographer you are!

Denise said...

I have learned something new today. Fascinating post!