Saturday, 28 March 2009

Millers Dale (2)

Here we are strolling down by the side of the River Wye.A small trickle of a waterfall down the rocks into the river.

The famous foot bridge to climb out of Millers dale, but we plod on.
Here the river narrows as we are near the Mill.

A closer look at this wonderous wild flower

To be continued.
dont forget to click and enlarge to enjoy.


Laura ~Peach~ said...

lovely You have a great eye and find all the things I so totally love! thank you so much for taking me on the tour with you!

RuneE said...

That is a walk I would have enjoyed taking - lots of nice photo material.

PS Thanks for the comment. If I remember rightly you visit was at the end of July? I'll probably be home by then to give you a "personalized" tour around town. :-)

Give me a hoot if and when.

Genie said...

More great pics
The River Wye is part of my Heritage,from its source in Hereford. where my Ancestors came from

Kitty said...

I love these series of pics - you find the most interesting flowers!

And thanks for dropping by earlier. Glad you like my "art" ! :)

Cezar and Léia said...

You and your lovely wife walked a lot!
I'm envious here! I think it would be wonderful to take a walking like this in such a beautiful place!
You get perfect and fantastic pictures there!
Wonderful indeed!
Kind Regards

Anonymous said...

ANOTHER holiday!!!

starnitesky said...

Great views from Derbyshire, every time I look at your photos I keep thinking I must visit the area.

Salty said...

What a lovely walk imac!

Denise said...

Spectacular English countryside and the wildflower in your last shot is so very pretty.

George said...

Thanks for more gorgeous pictures of your walk through the dale.