Thursday, 31 January 2008

Terracotta Army Post 2

The Emperor Had the walls joined - to make the Great Wall of China.

He also wanted to goven forever and tried many potions to prolong his life.He spent more that 30 years of his life building his tomb complex and at its centre was his tomb.

Around 7oo0 Terracotta Soldiers were made to guard him in the Afterlife.

In 1974 A farmer digging found a Terractta head, he had discovered a pit full of Terracotta Warriors.

The Emperor's tomb lays still untouched and thought to contain rivers of mercury.The Emperor died at the age of 49. His son became the 2nd Emperor and after only ruling for 3 yrs he committed suicde.

In the year of 206BC the Qin Dynasty ended and the Han Dynasty began.

I have found Anniebee's web site - where she has been to China and her web site contains photos, so please click on her name and go and visit, very interesting too.


Susan D said...

Did you see the BBC2 programme about the warriors last year, fascinating. I never realised they would have been painted in bright colours.

zakscloset said...

i remember learning about it when i was in elementary school in japan. it is indeed fascinating and i would absolutely love to see it in person one day.

Old Wom Tigley said...

Great post Imac... I'll follow the link as soon as... chatch up with you later