Sunday, 28 October 2007

Taken 30mins ago 13.30UK time

I agree, that there is a lot of blur here but I'm fairly pleased with the results.
These were taken on our front lawn. Toadstools +


YesBut said...

Great shots.
I would defy anyone to identify the subject of the second close-up - it looks like flowing tar or treacle

zakscloset said...

you have quite a lot of lives in your lawn. beautiful pictures!

Mike said...

Those are stunning imac! Fungi is always so interesting, colour and shape.

smilnsigh said...

ok! I am totally *depressed* now! All these soooooo close ups. -sigh- -sigh- -sigh-

I want a camera like you have. -stamping foot- I do! I do! I do! ,-)


Old Wom Tigley said...

This is a ink cap mushroom, they were boild up with cloves and made into 'INK'
Some of these can be eaten but like a lot of other mushrooms.. some of the ink caps can be poisonous.

Great set of pictures I must say