Wednesday, 5 September 2007

I guess its time I posted a little more about myself here,

Im 59, and as said I work for the NHS, Im married to a wonderful lady called Julie, who hppens to be an Artist(brill at it too-haha)Go see her blog.

To help pay my hobby I make greeting cards of some of my photos and sell them at our hospital.

Later this month we are going to Austria, so hope to have some fantastic photos to show.

You will have to excuse me as im new to this game of Blogging and still finding my way around.

If you see and like some of my photos would you please post a comment, of if you dont like still

Well heres a photo of Julie and I at a christmas Turkey and Tinsel Party at Scarboro North Yorks.


Julie said...

You're wearing well but I think this pic of me is a bit flattering! Or maybe I'm far enough away from the camera that you can't see the wrinkles! DW

JAM said...

Does she love you in spite of your choice of vests or because of your choice of vests?

Wives put up with a lot from us don't they?

Anonymous said...

Not sure how i found this web site,certainly wasn't looking for you!!