Wednesday, 29 August 2007

I'm a full time worker for the N.H.S, but my hobby as a amateur photographer takes most of my spare time up.
I love nothing better than to grab my camera and go to shoot a few (er, maybe lots) of piccys.
Often I get lost in taking a photo and bump into the public trying to get out of my way.
Just love taking shots of the sky for its ever changing colours.
Having invested in a Nikon D50 digi camera I now find ive gone over to digi all the time also the lens from my Nikon film camera fits my D50.
I guess ive started this blog, is to show everyone some of my photos, i'm not technically minded, but have been told that i've got an eye for a photo, hence my title "From The Minds Eye.
Please feel free to make comments or constructive criticism, but please to observe blog etiquette. Thankyou.


Julie said...

Welcome to blogland DH. I look forward to seeing your pix in this new "theatre". Have fun babe.

Anonymous said...

very cool blog imac, well done mf, love the pics...jules said...

very nice imac. i always love looking at your pictures. you sure take some beautiful pictures.

williejo said...

well done i mac i am sure i will enjoy this blog


Dick said...

You have great photos on your site, I think I like the same things you photographed.